Visit Front Line Genomics
Bioinformatics , Genome / Saturday December 9th, 2017

At Front Line Genomics their mission is to help deliver the benefits of genomics faster. Through their website,  magazine and the Festivals of Genomics, they support scientists, clinicians, business/research leaders and officials, from academia, research institutes, industry, healthcare and government organisations to realise the true potential of genomic medicine.   A must-see web reference we strongly recommend, my friends!

GENOMEU My First Genome
Bioinformatics , Genome / Saturday December 9th, 2017

    In 2018, the startup Genomais® will launch a new direct-to-consumer genomic test (DTCGT), which will be available to Brazilian clients at a reasonable price – read more soon at the website

Genomis and Genetics: What’s the difference?
Genome / Monday September 4th, 2017

Going deeper into the subject, I found several moments in which one spoke of genetics and others of genomics. What do I need to do: a genetic examination or genomic examination? After all, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Genetics Genetics deals with heredity, that is, how individual traits are inherited through genes – on a small scale or molecular scale. The study is done by the investigation of genes, which is the fundamental unit of heredity. Each gene has a specific coding [nucleic acid sequence (DNA / RNA)] that will represent a well-defined function. It is because of him that his hair can be black and with curls, or have blue or brown eyes. Genomics Genomics deals with the study of all (or many) genes in a genome and their interactions with the environment. – wide or very large scale. Although it is related to genetics, they are different, since genetics deals with individual study of genes and what one takes from one generation to another.   Brief summary about what is genetics and genome. The following videos give a brief summary of what is genetic and genomic (left) and a brief history of the studies of genetics to genomics (right).  …

Genomais – A new and important genomic analysis company
Bioinformatics , Genome / Friday August 4th, 2017

Approaching Genomics and Bioinformatics of everyday life   A new and important genomic analysis company will soon be on the market: GENOMAis. GENOMAis is a provider of services and products in the post-next-gen sequencing (NGS) market that aims to bring genomics and bioinformatics closer to the lives of Brazilian users (be they patients, physicians, professionals / health agents or the general public) Who want to get accurate information about their DNA, as well as being a genomic services provider and a developer of direct genomic tests (the so-called genomic self-tests). GENOMIC MEDICINE (diagnosis and therapy), PERSONAL GENOMICS (direct consumer testing), GENOMIC FORENSICS PREVENTIVE (expert support to public authorities and security and justice) and other possible applications (food safety, precision farming, etc.) Being a “Frontier Company of Support to (Bio) Personalized Medicine in Ceará”, GENOMAis offers services and products of high quality in analyzes of the human genome (besides animal, environmental and alimentary) through technologies of sequencing of new generation (NGS ) Of DNA / RNA. Providing easy (fast and simple) access to genomic features via well-generated, analyzed and interpreted DNA / RNA data is the innovative contribution of this company that promises to bring Personalized Medicine within reach of all social…